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PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. is a asset management platform. It gives its customers access to a wide range of expertise and recognized teams for high-performance, high-impact investments.

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A organizes its activities around the following asset classes: private debt, private equity, venture capital, real estate, listed assets and funds of private equity funds.


PROPINVESTMENT Managers aims to challenge the status quo and change the way people think about investing; with the deep conviction that today's investments shape tomorrow's communities. We look at performance, and are committed to positive-impact investments. In today's environment, investors need not only efficiency, but also committed asset managers capable of anticipating, analyzing and managing risks with temperance and agility.

The team at PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A put all their experience and knowledge of alternative markets, accumulated over the years within the GLB Group, at the service of their customers.

OUR Histori

From a project initiated in 2019, PROPINVEST Managers now oversees more than €1.5 billion in assets.The Group has more than 30 employees, from around 20 different nationalities, with near gender parity.

Backed by the experience and support of the GLB, PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. aims to become one of Luxembourg's leading third-party asset managers.


PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A pays particular attention to EGS issues in all its investment solutions.

On the one hand, this strategy is inspired by the particularly strong commitments of its GLB, a company listed on Euronext, to combating climate change, promoting diversity, transparency and access to sustainable finance solutions. In January 2022, GBL became the first global investment holding company to have climate targets aligned with a 1.5°C trajectory, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

GBL's achievements have been recognized by PRI (Evaluation 2021), S&P Global Rating (ESG Evaluation score at 82/100) and Sustainalytics (ESG rating 9.2, "Negligible Risk" status). GROUP IM has been a PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) signatory since 2015 through PROPINVEST Private Credit, the initial signatory. The list of initiatives to which GLBW IM and its expertises have adhered can be found here.

PROPINVEST Holding SA and its asset management subsidiaries have a four-pronged approach that goes beyond these regulatory requirements:

#The constant desire to develop a range of products, the vast majority of which benefit from the best rankings or labels: SRI, Greenfin, LuxFlag, SFDR 8 or 9;

#The notion of impact, which aims to give our financial management a stakeholder dimension for a just transition that goes beyond the role of investor. In particular, we have set up impact financing schemes whose terms and conditions take precise ESG parameters into account.

#The desire to participate with the major financial "coalitions" in the transition of finance itself in its ESG dimension;

#The central importance of ESG data, without which diagnoses and action plans all too often remain wishful thinking.

This applies in particular to our regulated asset management subsidiaries, which are subject to all European directives and national regulations. These subsidiaries apply the highest industry standards, through :

  • A general ESG policy
  • An exclusion policy
  • Salary policy
  • A risk integration policy


Discover GROUP IM's ESG organization in In 2022, scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, excluding financed emissions, amounted to 4,749 tonnes of CO2e, of which :

  • Scope 1 : 55,5 tCO2e – 1%
  • Scope 2 : 46,9 tCO2e – 1%
  • Scope 3 (hors émissions financées) : 4 646 tCO2e – 98%

Investment advice from PROPINVEST HOLDING SA

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A Managers advises its investments through Investment Capital. Investments are mainly focused on leading alternative fund managers and direct co-investment in private companies. At 30/06/2022, the total net asset value of these investments was 0.4 billion euros.