Private Equity

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Private Equity, founded by Matteo Isaac Vincent Tauber, is dedicated to European mid-market Private Equity, with a Value approach.

Founded by Matteo Isaac and Vincent Tauber within PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Managers, PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Private Equity brings together the skills of a multi-skilled team with many years of experience in private equity and special situations, backed by a unique network and the strong support of GBL.


Private Equity will pursue an agile investment strategy, focusing on the improvement and development of established companies, or the creation of new sector leaders through a consolidation strategy.


Based in Paris, the propinvest holding s.a. Private Equity team focuses on specific sectors of the European market, underpinned by long-term trends, to which it makes an active contribution in order to build stronger companies and support promising projects.