Real estate

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate, a pan-European investment manager, has over 30 years' experience in the European real estate investment and asset management market.

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate positions itself as a long-term strategic partner to local and international investors, advising and supporting them throughout the investment cycle of a property, from the acquisition and administration of the asset or property, through to the sales process.

Our Service

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate advises its customers and provides all services related to the management of their investments, from acquisition to disposal, including day-to-day management throughout the investment cycle.

Acquisition management

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate identifies real estate investment opportunities that meet its customers' requirements. Thanks to its solid experience, excellent local network and teams of specialists,

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate supports its customers in making a successful acquisition.

The funds

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate owns funds focusing on the implementation and management of real estate funds to invest in assets requiring specific ESG management, revitalization and repositioning of international and national real estate assets. These include offices, retail, logistics, housing, as well as some specialized healthcare centers (such as Reha-Clinics for obese children) with the overall aim of producing and delivering sustainable results. These funds are designed for institutional investors with slightly higher return requirements, but who do not wish to take significant risks.

Asset management

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate manages the successful execution of its customers' business plans. This includes producing reports, monitoring and enforcing purchase or lease contracts, negotiating with (new) tenants and carrying out market research.

Property management

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate manages the day-to-day running of its clients' properties, ensuring tenant satisfaction and the success of its clients' investments. The real estate management team works in close collaboration with the acquisition and asset management teams, enabling them to better understand their clients' strategies and implement their business plans.

Company management

PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate oversees the entire process of managing Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on behalf of its clients, from registration to liquidation or disposal, including accounting and verification of tax returns.


PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Real Estate draws on its expertise in local markets and its in-depth knowledge of assets to offer its customers the best possible exit strategy, while assisting them in its execution.